Find companies that use a particular technology – then quickly pivot to identify key decision-makers, contact details, and relationship intelligence
  • Prepare a list of companies using a targeted or complementary technology
  • Identify companies using competitor technologies
  • Avoid wasting time on prospects already using a particular technology

RelPro integrates sales and marketing intelligence on more than 150 million decision-makers and 7 million companies from trusted sources, social networks and the web


RelPro includes more than 5,500 technology products from 2,500 vendors used by more than 400,000 companies across the globe.

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Why RelPro Tech Search?

Tech stacks for over 400,000 companies - from small-mid sized to the largest corporations

Over 150 million decision-makers across all roles and functions

Detailed sales and marketing intelligence on C-Level executives

Affordable pricing - starting at $4,200 annually

No regional or industry limitations

Smarter Prospecting with RelPro

Search for companies by technologies they are using, filtered by company size, location, revenues etc.

Create your target list of companies

Identify key decision-makers based on their roles at the targeted companies

Export leads into Salesforce or generate CSV/PDF files

Find contact details (emails and phone numbers) and generate web research efficiently

Receive alerts on people and companies of interest